Our Facilities

Our Small Animal Facility

  • Specifics of space, feed, and bedding can be modified to fit nearly any protocol.
  • In 2008, ETCR completed construction of a 5,000 sq. ft. small animal facility with simultaneous capacity for 96 dogs and ~60 cats ​​housed in groups, pairs, or individually.
  • Consistent with the Animal Welfare Act, small animal studies are reviewed by ETCR’s IACUC prior to implementation.

Large Animal Facility

  • Stable with 20 permanent stalls
  • Video camera monitoring system
  • Covered arena that can accomodate 40 individual stalls
  • 3 Quick Cover buildings having respective capacities for 16, 16, and 22 horse stalls or variable numbers of pens for cattle or small ruminants.
  • Seperate working facilities for horses and cattles
  • Certified livestock scales
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Designated areas for necropsy and sample collection

Our Administrative Building

  • ETCR also has a 3,600 sq. ft. building at the Copper Ridge site which contains our laboratory facility and administrative offices.
  • Laboratory services include microscopy, parasite recovery and identification, routine hematology, plasma or serum separation and preservation, and test article dose preparation.
  • The office section includes a dedicated archive room for secure storage of study records, and for environmentally-controlled storage of IVPs or test articles.